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About School Capture

"School Capture" refers to the Woke takeover of South African schools and universities, specifically the growing and toxic influence of Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology on all aspects of education. 


In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in the United States in May 2020, a wave of "anti-racism" activism swept across the English-speaking world. In dozens of South African schools, sensational allegations of racism were made against teachers and children. These allegations were amplified using social media and have been enthusiastically promoted by prominent radio-broadcasters and print journalists.


However, closer scrutiny has revealed that virtually all of the allegations were in fact unsubstantiated, false, grossly unfair or, in certain cases, possibly even fake and malicious. Very rarely has there been any accountability or even an acknowledgement of such slanderous denunciations and accusations, and many innocent children and teachers have been subjected to appalling persecution and abuse. 

Having seized the moral high ground, Woke activists set about radically transforming virtually every aspect of the affected schools. Self-styled "diversity and transformation consultants" - many of whom are former Fallist activists - have been hired by schools to run highly divisive workshops for staff and students. Discipline policies have been reformed to incorporate concepts from the field of Critical Race Theory, rendering them incompatible with fundamental principles of civil rights. Many schools have begun "decolonising" their curricula and iconography, whilst staff hiring, student admissions and scholarship policies have been subjected to one-dimensional identity politics, rather than being focussed on financial need and academic merit.


School Capture is the story of how delusion, double standards and hypocrisy have damaged our schools. It has left in its wake shattered careers and ruined childhoods, poisoned classrooms and polarised staff rooms, large piles of invoices and deeply damaged learning environments. In many schools, morale has been severely impaired causing staff and students to leave in droves. 

This website contains a collection of essays regarding this phenomenon. The objective of this project is to highlight the cruel abuse and institutional vandalism that has occurred and to help motivate schools to return to being depoliticised centres of academic excellence. By countering Woke activism we aim to ensure that every child is treated with kindness and that teachers feel valued, respected and supported.


Ultimately, we hope to displace the ideologies of Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology and instead build a future based on the principles of Classical Liberalism, a future that is happier, more hopeful and liberated.

About the author

Richard Wilkinson is a South African attorney and essayist. 

His work on School Capture is undertaken independently and without funding or remuneration. He is available to assist teachers or parents of children who are facing abuse, bullying or unfair treatment in South African schools. He offers this assistance on a pro-bono (i.e. no fee) basis. 

You can follow him on Twitter: @wilkinsoncape

About this website

Please feel free to use or reproduce any essays or content which appear on this website as you wish. 

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